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Toyota MR2 MK3 - MR2 MK3 (2002)Alarm siren doesn't sound?
submitted by Paul on 13/03/2010
Why does the alarm not sound when its been activated? (the lights are flashing so I know it works) Is it a fuse? and if so where is it? Please help!

Toyota MR2 MK2 N/A - lost my fob for my immobiliser
submitted by conrad on 07/01/2010
can someone please help. I have lost my fob and cannot turn my immobiliser off so cant start my car. can anyone tell me if they know how i can overide it or dissconnect it please. need some help fast as i need the car for work. many thanks.

Toyota MR2 MK2 N/A - alarm
submitted by on 12/08/2009
Please can anyone tell me where the alarm siren needed to be connected to under the bonnet on 1997 Mr2 many thanks
Fix / Recommendation 1 submitted by Chunky on 08/12/2009
Mine's attached to my firewall in the engine bay.... More

Toyota MR2 MK3 - Bing Bing Bing alert!
submitted by Chantal Roberts on 22/07/2009
I just recently purchased an MR2 MK3 2000. It makes a bing bing bing alert at ad hoc times ( or so it appears). It is when I am driving. The doors are closed, the handbrake is not slightly on, both seatbelts are done up. It is HUGELY annoying! There are no warning lights on the dash when this happens and it is nothing to do with the radio aI have turn it off just to try to eliminate any eventuality - please help!
Fix / Recommendation 1 submitted by Gary on 02/06/2010
same on my car - MR2 Roadster 2000. It's a different noise to the normal warning sounds though (like door etc), it's more like 3 tones that you hea.... More

Toyota MR2 MK2 N/A - Alarm goes off when you unlock the car
submitted by Alex Bowyer on 01/12/2008
We just had a problem where we unlocked the car (using the remote) and the Alarm went off (and wouldn't be turned off via remote or the funny push-on fork attachment). The car then wouldn't start, instead making a fast loud clicking sound. The manual (which says nothing about the immobiliser/alarm) suggested that it couldn't be a battery problem since all lights, radio etc seemed to work. Other posts here suggested maybe a problem with the key fob. However we tried a jump start and it started first time. Looks like the battery may be a bit old/worn out. Will try an overnight charge via our mains charger - and if problems persist we'll get the battery changed. Hope this helps others in same boat.

Toyota MR2 MK2 N/A - Car alarm
submitted by Phil Bridges on 07/09/2008
I got some water into my car alarm and it would stop. We have located the alarm and tried to disconnect the alarm battery but after 2 days it is still chirruping like a canary. Any ideas of how to stop it?

Toyota MR2 MK2 N/A - Chirruping alarm from rear
submitted by Debs on 19/05/2008
Recently had new alternator fitted(under warrnanty as last one clapped out!) and has been OK. but today drove short distance and when i stopped the car there was a really odd alarm type thing coming from near to the ariel on rear of car. Don't know when it started as i had radio on. ariel has never worked properly. Went off shortly after but when i drove home, wondering if it was safe, parked up and all was quiet. several hours later the same noise could be heard for short time then it stopped. Totally flumoxed!! Help/advice would be much appreciated

Toyota MR2 MK2 N/A - MR2 MK2 Immobiliser Problem
submitted by Chris Walton on 04/05/2008
I have fitted a new sterio. All my electrics work fine except the immobiliser. It seems to be confused and permantly 'on' or cutting in preventing me from starting the engine. I haven't rewired anything, just unplugged one sterio and plugged the new one in. There are no blown fuses anywhere either. Is there a way of resetting the immobiliser? Please can someone HELP asap! Cheers.

Toyota MR2 MK2 N/A - alarm/immobiliser
submitted by shaun t on 28/04/2008
my alarm was going off constantly and the remote wasnt turning it off. after replacing the battery in the fob it still didnt work. to make peace with neighbours was forced to disconnect the battery to stop the alarm going off. it seemed the battery was dead so i replaced it and that seemed to do the trick... first time it started no problem, next day the car unlocked but wouldnt start. now every time i press the alarm key it sets the alarm off. anyone have any ideas? help would be appreciated

Toyota MR2 MK2 N/A - infra-red key fob battery keeps draining down in 2 days !
submitted by james heath on 25/09/2005
i have recently bought an mr2 91 model, and have had to disconnect the alarm/immobilizer that's under the drivers dash - by some fuses, because they key fob battery is drained. the red light on the fob only comes on when i press the button, so i don't think its constantly on. Therefore, I've disconnected the 3 wires that go into the alarm/immob box and now I have to get into the car just using a key. The system is therefore not active. Where do I start? Anyone had a similar problem?
Fix / Recommendation 1 submitted by aa helpdesk on 06/03/2009
i had a simalar problem with mine, I cured this with a can of petrol and a match.... More

Toyota MR2 MK2 N/A - looking for alarm loom.....
submitted by wardie on 22/03/2005
my car has no factory alarm but aparently some are fitted with the loom ready to go, neeed to find it to fit my alarm over from my dead other car... anybody any ideas where it would pop up, or how to tell if my car is pre wired? car is import jap g limited on j plate 1992.

Toyota MR2 MK2 Turbo - Alarm not deactivating
submitted by Sunny on 07/01/2005
Someone please help me! I cant seem to get into my car because my alarm doesnt deactivate when I press on the remote alarm. I have replaced the alarm battery and the light goes red when I press. But it just doesnt make the sound to open the door. I have a Serpi Star alarm anyone know what to do?

Toyota MR2 MK1 N/A - Alarm
submitted by tina deaves on 05/09/2004
when you turn ignition engine does not respond but alarm goes of instead

Toyota MR2 MK2 N/A - Alarm siren not sounding
submitted by J Leahy on 25/05/2004
I have just bought a 97 Mk2 MR2 - but have since discovered that the siren does not sound when the alarm is activated. It has a factory fitted TVSS III. The sensors seems to work correctly, and the hazards flash but no siren. Can anyone tell me exactly where the siren is located so that I can check the connections. I've had little luck on Google - some suggest somewhere in engine bay - two Toyota garages suggest under a front wing but weren't sure!
Fix / Recommendation 1 submitted by verjigorm on 04/08/2005
One siren should be in the engine bay, next to the Relais Box in the left trunk side corner. Two more sirens can be found in front of the main water .... More
Fix / Recommendation 2 submitted by john leahy on 07/06/2004
Toyota say Siren is located under front left wing. They said siren unit needed replacing at 47 plus labout plus vat, so ~100. Getting done soon. .... More
Fix / Recommendation 3 submitted by Glyn on 02/06/2004
I also have a 97 Mk2 GT and have recently realised it has exactly the same problem (alarm triggers-flashing lights etc. but no sound) Would appreciat.... More

Toyota MR2 MK2 Turbo - need help to re-programme alaram fob
submitted by william wilson on 31/12/2003
help,i have a 96 p reg mr2 tbar,one of the alarm fobs needed a new battery i took old one out but did not re-place for a couple of days i think it has lost its memory can you help me to re-programme
Fix / Recommendation 1 submitted by Woody on 29/12/2004
Stand by car, hold down both buttons for 10 seconds. Let go, and then press lock, unlock, lock, unlock. This works when it loses its coding, dont know.... More

Toyota MR2 MK2 Turbo - Can't find factory security ECU's for 1994 MR2 Turbo to reprogram new remotes..
submitted by Taren Peng on 06/08/2003
I have a 94 MR2 Turbo that comes with factory security system, but didn't come with remotes. New ones are purchased but I can't program them because I can't find the security ECU.
Fix / Recommendation 1 submitted by dino on 07/12/2003
It might be behind the panel where the drivers seat belt is fixed. It should be easy to pull out and see..... More

Toyota MR2 MK2 Turbo - Alarm
submitted by Claire Morris on 09/06/2003
Toyota MR2 2.0 Turbo T-bar Alarm on MR2 keeps going off. Once you leave the car it keeps going off all day. If I leave the car open the immoliser kicks in and the car automatically locks its self and the alarm still starts going off. It seems to stop if I take the roof off and lock from the inside. Not very practical though hey!!! Hope you can help and maybe tell me where I can get the problem fixed. I live in the West Midlands.
Fix / Recommendation 1 submitted by IAN on 20/10/2004
Fix / Recommendation 2 submitted by D Mordue on 08/07/2003
I have a Toyota MR2 2001 model & also live in the West Midlands and as of yet have not fixed the problem. In the warm weather it goes of constantly & .... More
Fix / Recommendation 3 submitted by Chunks on 17/06/2003
Has it only just started doing it in this hot weather?
What alarm is it, make/model?.... More

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